Mr Fazli Shah was born on 30 May 1985. He first started designing and inventing things out of salvaged items since chilhood. His first job near the industrial area, he saw piled wood pallets everywhere and he knew he could make something useful to give it a second life.

Oppurtunist person he is, where he generate ideas of reusing wood with new inventions and new looks. He loved in what he does, with the support from the community, he is motivated to pursue his career in inventing and designing. There are always people who appreciate the beauty of nature and finding ways to preserve it.

He mentioned that as the world are vastly devastated with technology and modernisation, lack of awareness in preserving natural environment will eventually contribute to destruction in eco-systems. If none action is taken by the people, the world is going to pay hefty price in return. Mr Fazli love to focus on clean and practical design. While the others busy in making perfection to their masterpiece, he is concentrating on making people to join in this quest, producing goods from reusable items hence encouraging community to love eco-friendly furnitures.


Ilmi Shukri epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of her expertise into her fast-paced growing business and her company named Katta Kayu. Ilmi is a graduate of Universiti Teknologi Mara School of Accountancy, where she also attended her diploma. She grew up in a good environment whereby she receives great support from her parents. Ilmi’s father is very optimistic and he gave full encouragement as well as advices to generate and give a rise to business and production by observing at her characteristic and capabilities. She first lay foundation on business since she was in Colden School back in United Kingdom. She often let herself to be involved in the activities of buying and selling with her teachers’ guidance. After her family moved back to Malaysia, she started her business solely by selling calendar to her friends and teachers at school. She acquire great students’ mentality and self-derivation that carries her forward.

With good consistency and admiration in business field, she has worked every aspect of the business industry representing sellers, buyers, producers, investors along the way of her life. Thus, she has been trained and inspired in sales and business by great individuals, business partners as well as people in her circles. Ilmi have faith in herself and together with the support of her husband, they both struggled in her business as wedding designers. Involved in weddings and designing, they received request from clients to do furniture out of wood. To sum up, the idea and significance of the business in producing furniture focusing on industrial contemporary design came out. Handling two business at the same period is not easy, hence Ilmi and her husband decided to stop on weddings and consider closely to only focus on one business which is on furniture business due to demands and personal interest to save the mother earth and go green. 

Generally, Ilmi and her husband utilize reclaim wood, recycle product and eco-friendly for the environment. Both acquire absolute creative and skillful in designing furniture with industrial contemporary as the main theme defining the company’s concept. Ilmi make use all her experiences and foresight to proactively involve in growing her business regionally and internationally. A dynamic duo synchronically in unison built up their business and now Katta Kayu has been standing strongly in furniture as well as designing industries. It has been officially proved when they received MDEC awards and few more awards for local successful entrepreneurs. She leads, trained and motivates Katta Kayu team better than none. Five words you can count on from Ilmi are love, integrity, passion, fun and commitment.


FS DESIGN FURNITURE SDN BHD is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial grade furniture for homes, restaurants, condominiums, projects and commercial spaces.

KATTA KAYU is a brand name created by FS DESIGN FURNITURE SDN BHD to represent all the furniture's the is being produced.

The journey of the Company began when two young entrepreneurs who are passionate with the Go Green mission in sustaining natural environment by making furniture with salvaged woods in 2012.

We deliver luxury, style and innovation in one beautiful package. Beautiful design elements, comfortable and functional furniture, and a wide range of choices meet the environmentally responsible mission of Go Green.

This proves going green does not exclude good taste, style, comfort and value. Our collections are made with eco-friendly materials to create the exclusive Green line of environmentally friendly, green furniture. In our green collection we use reclaimed Douglas Fir wood from old doors, windows, and old houses. These beautiful and innovative products combine clean design and functionality and are made from sustainable, organic, and recycled materials.

We are expanding and creating even more quality furniture. We only use high grade raw materials such as solid timbers – Douglas Fir, Meranti & Nyatoh, Fabrics, Stainless Steel, Metal and Glass and by paying attention to all our customers specific needs. We also hold tight to our positive attitude of striving hard to make every piece a masterpiece that is often beyond customer expectations.

We work with our clients, including architects, interior decorators and contractors to produce new designs and reduce costs in production and procurement of furniture.


Our dream is to be globally known for the creation and production of Safe Furniture. We express our commitment to provide safer environment for our future generation by designing, innovating, manufacturing and supplying safe furniture to all over the world through truly teamwork governed by a Syariah compliant entity.

At the heart of our company culture are the value of Quality, Job Satisfaction, Productivity, Continuous improvement, Growth & Prosperity.



Safe Furniture is a measure of love and care and comes in many forms. We believe that Safe Furniture is not just a commercial requirement but our responsibility to set new standards for ourselves and pursue new highs in our Manufacturing Quality. Our Safe Furniture philosophy pushes us to go beyond aesthetics and functionality and provide the pride and peace of mind that every person seeks and deserves.

We also understand that Safe Furniture is a priceless ingredient of the parenting journey therefore it is of paramount importance to us to include the safest aspect in the manufacturing of our products.


Hotel Furniture

Restaurant furniture

Resort furniture

Steel furniture

Industrial Trading


We have a production facility of 6000 square feet with a highly experienced team of craftsman, welders, quality control manager and furniture finishing specialists in Hulu Langat, Selangor.


We have a capacity to produce up to 2 units 40ft. containers/month of contract grade furniture which can be increased upon demand within a stipulated time frame.


We understand the importance of consistent quality and on-time delivery. Our quality inspectors are dedicated and highly experienced. We are able to maintain a consistent quality with good workmanship and strong construction.

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